It has been confirmed this morning that Bourton Rovers Football have been promoted to the Hellenic West Division One league for the Season 2019/2020. A massive achievement by the club and a historic move for those involved. Having spent the last few years in West Two, winning the league once and coming very close on other occasions we are truly proud to receive this news. Not forgetting of course two County Cup finals in a row and the memorable the Chairman’s Challenge Cup Champions win last season.

We must not forget at all the club is made up of more than just the first team, it’s made up of two others cup winning teams and many volunteers, committee members and spectators that have made this club what it is today. We are also proud to have an ever expanding Junior platform and without this we can not achieve what we have achieved today.

So a MASSIVE congratulations to all at Bourton Rovers football Club and let’s look forward to a challenging and rewarding new season.